Mumma Brain Syndrome

What is it exactly? Do I possible have it? Is there a cure? Well the symptoms are: Conversations that you had 3 minutes ago are GONE from your memory. You set your car keys down and forget where. Attention span of less then 2 minutes.

Well let’s see here, yesterday Joshua and I had a conversation about meeting for lunch. He swears he told lunch was at 1130, I thought it was at 12 (like it always is!). Then today, I gave a bag of blankets to a gal at church who is due like any day now and along with the blankets, I gave her my car keys. Yep sure did, there are at her house down in Indy. Fortunately I will see her on Wednesday and be able to get them then.

Alas, things are going well, Karol is wearing a dress I made him. Well it isn’t a dress, it is a snuggly sleeper thing…I just haven’t sewn the bottom yet. It is way to big on him and the pattern of the material makes him hard to look at. I shall post a picture soon.

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