Merry Christmas!

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Hey, how ya doing? It’s been a while!

Merry Christmas! We went to Midnight Mass, the older boys served, the youngest daughter slept, the youngest son was a happy cheerful guy (until picture time, which I’ll happily take).

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New House

So this house, wow. We didn’t expect to buy as soon as we did and we certainly didn’t expect to find someone as wonderful as what we did! We had three requirements for a house: 1. It needed to be on land. 2. It needed to get good internet so Joshua could work from home. 3. Location. We needed to be within a 1/2 hour of Lafayette.  This house has it all.

It was built in 1877 and sits on nearly 3.5 acres. There are four bedrooms, we use three of them and the fourth is Joshua’s office. We are the first owners who are not decendents of the builder of the home. That is really humbling to think about.

There are a few changes we are going to make, mostly it’s just redoing the kitchen to make it more friendly for my cooking style. I currently have a 1960s stove in there though and it is pretty cool, but I need something bigger. Aside from that and adding some more insulation to the attic, the house was/is in great shape. The previous owners took great care of it…and kept receipts of everything done for the past 10 or more years!

So that’s the new house. We love it. The kids love it. We are accepting visitors so let me know when you have time to come by!

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Where I’ve Been

Someone texted me the other day and let me know that my blog has been silent for three months. It’s been a very busy few months. We did a trip to Michigan to visit with my cousin Paul and his family. Paul had cancer and they knew that he wasn’t going to live much longer, so I wanted to see him and before he passed away. I made another trip to see him a few days before he died as well. He died on September 20th. Please pray for the respose of his soul and for his wife and young children as well as other family he left behind.

That trip was followed by my birthday (which we normally don’t make a big deal about, but I turned 40 so I said we were going out to dinner). That night we also went to look at a house and fell in love with it. We made an offer the next day and when it was accepted, things kinda became a whirlwind.

The kids have also started back with violin lessons and we are making our way through the school year as well, so really that keeps us very busy.

We closed on the house on October 6th and have been busy making it our home since. I’ll do a post more about that later.

So that’s where we’ve been.

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We’ve Moved!

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At the end of June we went to Baltimore so Peter could meet his god-mama. While we were there we had a showing on our house and received an offer on it. Because of what happened last year, we were very hesitant to get excited about it and kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. As we passed each step, things got more and more real, then it was closing day. Then we moved.

We arrived back in Indiana on August 2nd. It was a crazy trip up with a U-haul with a car trailer, a van with an enclosed trailer, and my mini-van with a trailer. It took us 19 hours but we got here and are working on getting settled.

In the just over two weeks we’ve been here, we’ve done a lot of things, including a 30 mile pilgrimage for Our Lady. Don’t be silly, I didn’t do it, I was on little kid duty, but Joshua and the three big kids did! Joshua and Karol walked all of it and the older girls did about 90% of it. I was very impressed with them.

We are so thankful to be back in Indiana and with friends and family again, God is so good to us.

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God is So Good

I normally read the reading before Mass so that I am able to pray about them before hand, and also know what they are if kids act up and I have to step out. So this past weekend, in the Diocese of Savannah, we celebrated the Solemnity of the Ascension so the readings were from Acts, Ephesians, and Matthew.

I was struck by the idea that some of the people at the time of Jesus’ Ascension thought He’d be back soon, yet 2000 years have gone by. Why? Is it so that I could be part of God’s creation and have the chance to live forever with Him in heaven? If so, what am I doing to make sure I am doing my best to make the goal, to finish the race, to make it to the Promised Land?

Sometimes it can feel like my prayers go unheard, sometimes it can be very hard just to utter the words “Jesus I love you” or “Help me, Jesus!”, sometimes it can seem like between diapers and dinner there isn’t time for prayers. Then boom, God gives me a nugget, something to chew on, to ponder, to help me to know that yes, He’s still there.

“…And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20


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Easter Thursday

Happy Easter! Here’s a picture from before the Vigil Mass. The gnats were bad so it was hard to get a nice picture of them all making nice faces. I picked this one because Peter looks cutest in it.


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