Thursday Chats, Downpour Edition.

*The skies opened up on Saturday afternoon and for the first time in two weeks (and only the second time this month) it rained. Since Saturday, we have had 3.01 inches of rain, 2.03 of that fell yesterday.

*With the rain falling, the kids got crazy, so yesterday we did a playdate with friends and had a good time. Cassie and I made fun of  a certain parenting magazine and talked about how relaxing it was to hang out. It also helps that our kids get along splendidly, really, no fights.

*Have I mentioned that I only have one kid in diapers now? Yep, I would like to announce that Miss Caecilia, The Wild One, is potty trained. She has not had a daytime accident in, oh, I have no idea how long! Night time is a bit different, maybe two a week, but no big deal, I just wash the sheets.

*How did we accomplish this with a just two year old? Prunes. Yes, prunes were her “prize” when she would go in the potty. Now she will announce a trip to the bathroom, take care of business, then walk out saying “prizy” and point to the cabinets with prunes. She only gets them now for #2s. Somehow, that just seems right.

*I purchased a wrap and I love it! I will tell you more about it in another post!

Off to Atlanta tomorrow! See you on Sunday!

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Thursday Chat

How did I miss this segment last week?

On to this week:

*I ended up unplugging the toaster oven after I caught Caecilia trying to toast my watch.

*We have been working on bed times and nap times with Caecilia. Things are getting better, but some days are just a fight. If I lay down with her, she goes to sleep most days. Nights are still a nightmare with her, as she is up every 10 minutes.

*Tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of our Lord, look for more from me on that. Just know that a Solemnity trumps a Friday in Lent. Per Canon Law:

Can.  1251 Abstinence from meat, or from some other food as determined by the Episcopal Conference, is to be observed on all Fridays, unless a solemnity should fall on a Friday. Abstinence and fasting are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

*With that in mind, we are making this for the Solemnity. Oh, yes, I am excited about it.

*Back on to kids, we lost Caecilia last night. No, really. I went in to check on the kids before heading to bed last night and I couldn’t find her. I quietly and quickly looked in her usual spots and nothing. I looked in some unusual spots, like the bathtub and under the comforter I have laying on my rocking chair, nothing. I started praying then calling for her, got Joshua involved, telling him to check the screen, to make sure they were secure, they were. Just short of freaking out, I looked at one more spot, and there she was. She was half under my side of the bed, sleeping. I has missed her there because I didn’t think to look over there,  as I had been over there 10 minutes before and she wasn’t there. After we found her, I turned to Joshua and cried, I was so very worried.

*The weather has turned warm, it has been above 85 since last Friday. Thankfully, it has not been humid, so we haven’t turned on the A/C yet, I am going to do the same thing I used to do, when we lived up north, when winter was coming, delay until I can’t bare it any longer.

*Benedict is such a good little guy. I set him on the floor about an hour ago and he is still crawling around, looking for for toys, spilling out toys and laughing.

*I am on the fence about going to the beach this weekend. Part of me says no, because of gas prices, but part of me wants to get away. I am going to Atlanta next weekend, so I think we will just stay put. Oh well, we have a kiddie pool we can fill up. 😉

*I started this post  earlier in the day and it is now 9:20, so we have had the Slab o’bliss. Yes, it was as good as the pictures look. Scroll down on my blog to see pictures of the one I made.

*I am off to finish my slice of the yummy dessert, as I wasn’t able to before. Hush, don’t judge, it is a Solemnity don’t you know.

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Thurday Chats

*Lent is upon us. I need Lent this year, badly. Lent sure took it sweet time getting to us too, didn’t it? Sigh. A day in and I am thanking God for this time of renewal, this time of penance and sacrifice. Deo Gratias!

*We went to Immaculate Conception for Mass yesterday and to receive our ashes. The kids were pretty spirited rotten, Caecilia had to be taken out a few times. Karol and Margaret were, well, Karol and Margaret. Benedict was awesome. Paid attention through the whole thing, especially to father’s homily, just like Sunday. We got there early and Joshua kept the big kids out side, running off steam and I went in to pray, for 10 minutes, only having to hold Benedict. Sigh, it was beautiful.

*After Mass we went to a seafood market in Moultrie, at the State Farmers Market. Joshua went in, while I waited in the van and fed the kids their lunch. I told him the budget, he stayed well below it and came out with fish for at least six meals. The fish seemed to be much, much cheaper than the local grocery store and it was fresh too. We had some tonight, baked and I didn’t have to drown it in lemon juice to eat, it was that good.

*Check out Family Hearth, for the recipe I created for the fish.

*Joshua stayed home from work today, so I took Karol and went to Noon Mass, then on some errands. We first mailed a package, then to the furniture store to look at dining room chairs, Target to pick up formula and the grocery store for some other items. If I were by myself, I would have done it all without stopping for food, but Karol had not eaten since breakfast and it was 2 pm,  so we stopped at Jimmy Johns. And let me tell you bean sprouts = penitential.

*I finally broke down and ordered Karol some dress shoes, on line. I ordered from I had never heard of the company until this week, but I can say that they have a nice selection of boys shoes. We also ordered a pair of sandals for him too and both arrived on Wednesday.

*I also ordered some clothes for me from Jessica London. I don’t know about you all, but I have such a hard time finding modest clothing. Add the fact that I am plus sized and  there is not a whole heck of a lot out there. I must say, I look at the styles and think “What woman would feel comfortable it that?!” and as a plus sized woman, I can’t imagine sharing that much skin with the world.  It doesn’t help that after Benedict was born, my body shifted in ways I never expected, so everything just fits funny now. I ordered a few shirts, a long skirt, and two pairs of capri pants. Everything fits wonderfully. I wish the skirt wasn’t a clearance item because I would order more, in different colors.

*Tomorrow we are having lunch with some kids from St. Mary University Parish at Central Michigan University and their Pastoral Associate, Jeremy Priest (who is not a priest). Jeremy is a friend of our from the PCJ. I will have to apologize to them for the cold weather, lows tonight are in the 30s.

*I made banana nut muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning. I made them with coconut oil and yogurt, with some Georgia Pecans. I will share that recipe if they taste good. 🙂 Edit: They were good, a very filling breakfast! Click here for the recipe.

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