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While we were in Paris, our flat did not have internet. I would type my day in to an OpenSource Text Document and the plan was to have Joshua update my blog when he got to the Cite each day. Well, since we both forgot to remind each other, that did not happen. So here, three months after we left Paris, I am finally putting them on my blog. 


Paris Day Two


On Sunday,  we went to Mass at Sacre Couer Basillica in the Montmartre area of the city. A little history on the church itself. First of all, St. Boniface in Lafayette is older then this church, so not exactly what I was expecting for my first Mass here in Paris. However, the reason the church was built is the exciting part. It was started by two men here in Paris in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War. They offered to God that they would have a church built if Paris was spared invasion by the Prussians. It is a magnificent church set on top of a “butte” or  hill. This isn’t just any hill. This is a mountain. Well, maybe not a mountain, but by the time we got to the church and into a pew, I was sick. I mean pregnancy sick. I sat through most of mass as I could not get a handle on the fainting feeling I was having. I felt like such a pagan and just hope that no one thought ill of me.

The Mass itself was beautiful. Religious Sisters sang during the Mass and 4 or 5 priests con-celebrated, however, I did not understand a bit of it. That there is the beauty of the universal church. While I didn’t understand all that was being said, I knew what was going on. God is good.

After Mass, we ate at a little stand, where I got some very healthy Pomme Friites and a Coca Cola. That is all my poor little stomach could handle. After a while, I was able to eat more though.

We hopped back on the train to go up to the Cite de Sciences (where Joshua is working from.) and met up with the group there. As I was still feeling a little tired, jet lagged and just out of sorts, I sat in the room with the geeks (self proclaimed) and read my Paris book. I was able to find a few places that I wanted to visit and mapped them out on the Metro Map.

After a while, I did get bored so I headed back to our flat and vegged out for a while until Joshua got back. We had a light dinner of left overs Joshua brought home then went to bed.

Title: Paris Day Three


On Monday, we started out early, we needed to go to the Post Office to buy stamps. We found a post office then we stopped in to a little pastry shop. I had a most delicious eclair cafe. (coffee eclair). It was very yummy. So yummy I told Joshua my wedding vows included to love in sickness and in health but they did not say to share my yummy French pastries.  We then went to the grocery store and picked up a few more things for the flat. Joshua needed to be at the Cite at 11, so we parted ways. I stayed at the flat and slept. After a nice refreshing nap, I walked around a little, then met Joshua and the team at the Cite. We were offered a ride in one of the team members car to the big apartment the rest of the team was staying at. Let’s just say the team member who took the Metro beat us there, by about an hour.

We ate dinner then they talked shop, I think. We got back to the flat at about 130 and I was ready to call it a night.

Title: Paris Day Four

Text: I went with Joshua to the Cite early in the morning so that I could check email and train schedules. (We had been hoping to go to Lisieux.) I went back to the flat, napped (seeing a theme?) then out. Out. Out. Out. BY MY SELF. I read about a bookstore in the Latin Quarter of Paris that sold second hand books in English. I mapped the Metro then headed out. I found it. I was so proud. I looked around there for about an hour  and was treated to some Canadian Coffee that they had (coffee with maple syrup). After picking out my selections, I noticed the sign that said “No Credit Cards Accepted”. Oh darn. The owner then told me about a cash machine two blocks away. I walked over and while I was waiting to use it, window shopped the shoe store next store. As you might imagine, I bought some shoes. The very nice sales clerk did not speak  English, but we managed. She was very nice.

Back to the bookstore I went…and found out the guy waiting on me was from Sarnia. (For those who don’t know, it is a border town, right across the river from Port Huron, MI). We chatted for a few minutes then I was on my way. I stopped in at a church called, Saint-Sepherin. (Sp?). I was able to spend a few minutes with Our Lord in prayer, always wonderful.

Back to the Cite I went, where I met up with Joshua to check email again. Then we were off for a night on our own. We headed to a part of town that had camera things, but the store closed at 7, so we were not able to see if they had what we needed. However, we found a really neat Pizza place. Dinner took 3 hours. THREE hours. I ordered the Anti-Pasta appetizer, and well gave it to Joshua. It consisted of 4 different kinds of meat and two pickles. The meat wasn’t quite to my liking so Joshua saved me from the embarrassment of having to return a mostly full plate (and I did my best to try to eat it.) Dinner was Pizza Tuscano. A normal thin crusted pizza with normal toppings, except for the creme on it. It was pretty good though. Dessert for me was Tirumisu. I loved every spoonful of it.

Home we went and relaxed and talked with the kiddies for a few minutes. Karol went swimming and though I can’t share through this blog his voice when he was telling me about it, it was great to see him so excited.

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