Knots in my stomach right now. I am truly praying that McCain pulls a “Truman” and that all the people who said that they would vote for Obama will stay home.

Something I haven’t really given much thought of until now is an Obama presidency means that we have a Pro-Choice Catholic as our VP. That saddens my heart to no end. As I watch K and M eat breakfast this morning, I wonder, what sort of world are “we” giving them? A world where we say that a human life is only valuable IF it is a wanted life?

It saddens me that SO many people have been taken in by Obama’s “promises”.  In the land of $300 purses and $5.00 lattes how can we cry “poverty”? Well there is a poverty in deed, but not a poverty that Sen. Obama can fix. The poverty lies in our hearts and isn’t going to be fixed by giving everyone access to health care. It isn’t going to be fixed by making sure everyone gets a free college education. It isn’t going to be fixed by making sure everyone is a millionaire when they retire.

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