When God closes a door, He opens a window

Let’s hope that the window He opened today is very big.

I am going to be positive here. Yep I am. I survived 8 years of Bill Clinton…I can survive this too. 🙂

Let’s think of positive things we can do.

I am starting with a “pity” celebration this weekend with my former coworker from the Moose. Lots of chocolate and a little wine.

But tomorrow, I am going to start my campaign for 2012. I am not going to be shy about being Pro-Life. I am going to demand that our country be offered better. Why? “Because a nation can’t kill 50 million babies and stay on top forever”. (That was quote from former co-worker’s dad.)

My former co worker also voted third party because “…this election was like choosing between a shit sandwich and a stick in the eye.” Her words, not mine. She went on to say “…I chose neither and went with the invisible skateboard. A nice enough idea, but not actually going to get me anywhere.”

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  1. I’m glad you’re being positive. And you make a good point. We have survived liberal, pro-abortion presidents before, and we can do it again! I’m glad your post was the first one I read when I woke up to the news…

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