Woes update and more

As I type, there is a guy working on putting a gutter up. Yea! The front porch is a slick of ice right by the door. This should help. The landlord also apologized to J for he behavior on the phone the other night. What a nice guy. I am still counting the days til we can get our own place.

No baby news today. I can tell you the baptism gown is done, with much help from my mother in law. I just have to sew on some buttons, which I am doing by hand (loops and buttons). It makes the gown look very old fashioned and almost like it is an antique!

The baby has shifted some what, so my leg is killing me. I tried to do the exercises recommended to me by my first midwife, but they don’t help! Oh well.

According to NPR, the Auto Company Bailout is probably not going to happen. I may get lots of comments for this, but I say “Good”. And I grew up in the Detroit area.


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  1. Ah – NPR, talk radio, how long since I have listened to you and had a clue what’s going on in the world…

    Glad your gutter is going up!!!

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