God’s Mercy


I wouldn’t recommend reading this if you are feeling emotional. It is about an “abortion doctor” in FL who lost his license in a live birth abortion case. After reading it, the second coming can’t come soon enough. I am amazed that God has not shown his wrath to us. If anything, this is showing that He is so full of mercy towards us poor wretched sinners.

Abortion is has not offered a “choice” for women, it has created a prison. If you think about it, a woman who becomes pregnant and the time is not “right” or the conditions are not “ideal” she is “encouraged” to have an abortion. The pressure is intense. The reasons tossed out “You won’t be able to finish school”; “You don’t want your parents to find out”; “I will not support this baby”; “Your child will be a criminal because his father is”. The list could go on.

So then a woman ends up at an abortion clinic to “remove” the “problem”. Then we get cases like the one linked above.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

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