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Kimberly? I have been an off and on reader of her blog and today, after posting an article of hers, I was informed that she belongs to the same Ladies Night Out group as I do! So while I haven’t met her yet, I hope to soon. This article she wrote was just what I needed to hear today.

I think my baby has decided she no longer needs naps. I put her down twice a day and she doesn’t sleep for either of them, I am pretty sure. She gets quiet but I am pretty sure she is just playing quietly. My oldest has informed me that he no longer needs naps either, whatever kiddo, you will take a nap and do it now! The middle one is hit and miss and well, she doesn’t like to take naps unless the lights are on, in the middle of the day. Hmmmm. I often find her in our bed under the covers.

The two older ones have taken to getting in to bed with us in the morning. I never know who I am going to wake up next to. This morning I thought it was Karol as when the alarm went off, the body next to me turned it off. Nope, Margaret knows how to  turn it off too. (as if I needed another reason to be lazy in the morning).

Today I am preparing for advent by making things a bit more organized around the house,  finishing projects that have been hanging around for ages, mostly curtains. I have the kitchen ones done, they just need to be hung. I have to make one for the laundry room as I must have been on drugs when I measured and sewed the one I made for back there, too short to be a full curtain, too long to be a half curtain. I plan on cutting tabs for the curtains in the dining room. I really love tabbed curtains, they are a bit more time consuming to make than the other curtains I have made, but they seem to do much more to a room.

This year I want to do a Jesse Tree. I don’t actually put the ornaments on a tree, but plan on hanging them from the fire place mantle. We are also trying to prepare for the true joy of Christmas by making small sacrifices during Advent. One of those will be going meatless through the month of December. I planned out all the meals, leaving Sundays as a day with meat as it is a mini-Easter. (My plan is to then freeze the left overs from that meal and use them in January).  What does your family do for Advent?

Then, tomorrow will be be spent preparing for the weekend. We have the PCJ  (Pontifical College Josephinum) Mudbowl on Saturday afternoon (Go College!!!).  On Sunday we are going to St Patrick for Mass in the morning then heading to the cemetery to pray at Rick’s grave as it is his birthday and the last day in the All Saints Octave then to lunch with some friends from the city.

Off to cut some tabs now…kids are sleeping! Have a joyous day!

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  1. I like tabbed curtains, too! And I’m extremely jealous that you have a Ladies Night Out group – regardless who’s in it. I want one! :o)

    Advent. I haven’t started thinking about it too much yet, but I have been thinking about these other smaller holidays as they come upon. Halloween, St. Charles’ feast, Thanksgiving – that’s the thing about the first trimester – I feel to crappy to do much of anything for these celebrations. I know I’m doing something super important even if I just sat on the couch all day long since God’s growing a human inside me, BUT I feel a bit bad for the other kiddos.

    Maybe I should read the whole of that article you linked to?!

    But I am looking forward to Advent…what a great season of the church!

  2. PS I’m glad to hear that you still give Karol naps. I’m thinking I would like to keep nap time around until Charles is 5 or 6!!! :o) I guess we’ll have to see what his behavior warrants as he grows.

  3. Anne…am I reading that right???????? !!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

    Also for the Jesse Tree I used a site that had pictures you could print out and color. I had the kids color them and then I hung them, nothing too fancy.

  4. Yep. And thanks. Prayers please?!

    • Of course!

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