A few weeks ago, I was invited by my friend, Erin, to give a presentation to her Womens Group at church. She said the theme would be cooking with the saints.  Pick a saint and demonstrate a recipe that could be made on that saint’s feast day. I asked to do the Feast of the Epiphany because we like to celebrate that one up here.

I had so much fun. Normally I am so scared to do public speaking that I would generally never dream of doing something like get up in front of a group to speak. Tonight, I thought, I could do this all the time. Talk about my faith and talk about cooking?  Total fun.

Maybe EWTN will let me have my own cooking show….Cooking with the Saints?  A Catholic Mumma Cooks?

Off to watch NCIS…..have a great evening.

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  1. Fun! What did you make?

    Have you seen the blog “Catholic Cuisine”? (google it) It is a mom out in Washington (she went to Christendom) and basically it takes ALL of the major feast days and gives your celebrations ideas, namely with different foods. It’s very well done!

    • I have seen it! It is my go to place if I am stuck with ideas for a feast! 🙂

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