Fed Ex came today!

Today there was a ring of the doorbell. It was Fed Ex! Yahoo! What gifts could they be bringing for us? Woohoo! It is my lamp that ordered from joann.com. It was one of their Cyber Monday deals and was more than 50% off….$35 for a close to $200 dollar lamp. How could I pass that up. It rocks. I also ordered a new sewing machine and can’t wait for that to come. Another great Cyber Monday deal and 50% off too.

So I am set back up in the dining room. I have a room set up for sewing upstairs, but I can’t use it when C is sleeping, so I just took over the dining room, since we eat in the kitchen. Now I can finish C’s dress and birthday pillow. Since J is working late tonight and the kids will be in bed for naps soon, I have all afternoon to work.

Advent is going well for us here. We are adding extra prayers and doing a family activity each night, like learning a new song. I made and painted the ornaments for the Jesse Tree yesterday. K is very excited that we have  an orange dinosaur to hang up today for an animal.

I have been trying to clean one room a day or dedicate a day to laundry. Today is laundry day and maintenance today. Maintenance meaning, cleaning up after the kids.  Today I washed our down comforter. I put it in the washer on delicate with our homemade soap. I have a front loader, so I think that may add to the ease of washing it. After washing it, I dried it in the dryer on low for about 1 hour 15 minutes total. Now it is fresh and clean again. I think I will make a cover for it, someday. 🙂

Time to put the kids down for their naps. Fun times…someone wanna come and rescue me?

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  1. Hey Fed Ex came to our house today, too. And so did UPS for that matter! We now own a men’s bike and a portable DVD player. Not quite as exciting as waiting for a new sewing machine, but there you go. Love getting packages in the mail! :o)

  2. Portable DVD player? I would say that is just as exciting. The bike…I am sure Peter would say that is exciting too!

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