I had been thinking of changing my blog for a while and seeing Anne’s change inspired me to follow through.  The only thing I do not like about this theme is that it does not have a log in section for me, so I have to change my bookmark to the admin log in and not just go straight to my blog.

Speaking of changes, I think I am going to hem all the curtains upstairs so that they do not touch the floor, or hang much below the window. We bought them when we first moved back to Ohio and they worked at the first place we lived and they work here too, but I think shorter would be better. That is mainly because I bought another set of the same curtains for the kids’ room as we only had one panel on each window. However, the new set is shorter than the other set and the shorter look better. Then I thought, what if I did that for all the curtains in the house? I will start during nap time. (Pray that they take naps!)

**Update, I cut myself while attempting to trim a piece of thread. Without examining the damage, I called Joshua to have him come home and help me. I am really blessed that he is able to do that for me. It was just a little cut but he didn’t make fun of me, yet. Now I have to finish hemming, wish me luck!**

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  1. Super cute template! I LOVE it!

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