Saint Teresa of Jesus

When we were in Paris, (July 2008) I picked up the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila at an English bookstore in the Latin Quarter.  Today, we went to confession and I took the book with me, after putting it down about, oh, 18 months ago. I figured I would start over at the beginning and so glad I did. I came across a quote that I want to share with you all

If parents were to ask me for advice, I would tell them to take great care what people their children consort with a this age. For great harm comes of bad company, since we are inclined by nature to follow the worse rather than the better. (Chapter 2, page 27)

Thank you St. Teresa of Jesus, for this wonderful spiritual shot in the arm today.

With book reading, I am still working on The Faith Explained by Fr. Leo Trese and have been for six months now. It is an amazing book, for Catholics who know their Faith and for those who want to learn more. I give it my triple stamp of approval on it also.

Finally, for some light reading, I recommend a book by one on my favorite authors, The Soul of a Lion. Buy it, read it, you will like it!

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