Beach Day?

I have this crazy idea to go to the beach again tomorrow. Jekyll Island is 2 hours away from us here and I think I have convinced my husband that we should go. I have to say, I have really fallen in love with the Atlantic. While the Great Lakes will always be my first love, the Atlantic takes a close second. The waves are endless and awesome to ride. The kids have lots of sand to run on and dig in and I can relax.

The weather here is in the 80s today and tomorrow! Of course, the cool weather of today is brought on by rain showers, a major down pour right now…nice.

Today I sorted the last box of kids clothes from the move. These are clothes that I just tossed in to a box, so they really needed a good sort. I put away all of Caecilia’s 18 month clothes and now she shares with Margaret. I have to roll pants up, if she wears them, but everything else fits.

Since I am willing to leave the house tomorrow, I think that means no baby this weekend! 🙂

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  1. You’re funny! If I made plans, I would be sure to have them interrupted by something like childbirth! 😉 I know what you’re saying though. When is your due date?

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