Weekend Recap – In Reverse

For starters, no baby yet. That is okay, tomorrow is 38 weeks, so I am not too disappointed.

I had hoped to go for a walk today, as it was cool out all day, but it started to rain and did not let up, so no walk. Instead, we pulled out some baby boy and baby girl clothes as well as folded all the clothes I started working with on Friday. It is nice to have everything folded and it its place.

I took a break to make a Tres Leche cake for tomorrow. It is a regular yellow cake soaked in a “syrup” of evaporated milk, sweeten condensed milk and half and half. After letting it soak overnight, you top it with whipped cream. I have never made it before but became obsessed with it after watching Alton Brown make it on Good Eats.

Saturday we did go to Jekyll Island. As we pulled on tot the island, it started to rain. We went to the “Turtle Hospital” first then decided that since it was only raining and not storming, we would go to the beach anyway. It was  a great time. We swam at the same beach where the movie Glory was filmed. The kids had so much fun playing in the waves and were not afraid like last time.

After leaving the beach, we did something we have never done before. We went out to eat. Well, since the kids decided they were tired and fell asleep before we found a place to eat, we decided to stop at a drive thru, something we hardly ever do. We had decided on Zaxby’s but just as we were turning around to go back, Joshua spotted Captain D’s. I had my heart set on Zaxby’s so Joshua said I could get my dinner from there. Yes! Zaxby’s has the best ice plus they have Cherry Soda. Mix that with a bit of Coke and it is great.

We stopped at Kroger in Waycross on the way home. I love Kroger, they are so much cheaper than grocery stores in this area. I stocked up on flour and sugar along with a few other items. While I was in the store, Joshua took time to organize the van so when we got home, things would be easier to unload. What a great guy.

The week ahead will see us probably preparing more for the birth of our little one, something we are all looking forward to. Pray for an early delivery and quick and soon!

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