Baby Update

All things are go! Baby Facemyer just needs to decide that it is time to come out! I met with my midwife today and two of her apprentices. I gladly let them check my belly and listen to the heartbeat, so that they can learn more about midwifery and go on to offer home births! (I know that there is much more to midwifery than checking heart rates, fundal height and baby positioning, but every little bit helps!) So the baby’s heart rate is good, growth is good, plenty of room for him/her to grow and he/she is in a great position. My heart rate, blood pressure and all other things are great.

I took Karol with me today and left the girls with the wife of Joshua’s boss. (They offered) Karol was supposed to stay behind too, but his nose running a bit and he had a cough, so I took him with me. He seems fine now, laying on the couch watching Star Trek – Deep Space Nine with Joshua. Karol was great today. First we had to meet with the doctor that my midwife works with to pick up a few items for the birth then we headed to the midwife’s office. Karol played quietly and did a great job of keeping himself occupied while the ladies and I talked.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch (at Zaxby’s, yum!) and Karol requested “baking soda” for his drink. He is so funny. Since he did a great job, I allowed him to have one.

We picked Joshua up and got the girls, then headed back home. Joshua has volunteered my services to his company to fold newsletters and put labels on them for young men who may have vocations to the Priesthood. I am a dork and love to do thinks like that anyway plus it is for a great cause. He headed back to work and I rested/folded

I headed to Target after Joshua got home from work to pick up a prescription and discovered that our local Target does not have a Pharmacy. Boo. I picked up a few things that we needed and headed home. I was done for after that. Tired. Did I mention my day started at 230 when I woke up and just could not get back to sleep? I managed to get about 20 minutes of sleep from 630 to 650 but that was it.

I sat in our room for a bit while Joshua made dinner (left overs, simple!)  and started to feel a bit better. I reemerged to help clean things up and watch a show with him and the kiddos.

I hope to have the baby soon, like very soon. 🙂 Tomorrow is my niece, Maddie’s, first birthday, it would be nice for them to share. One of my Grandma Kress’ birthdays is September 6th (I say one, because there is some question to her actual birthdate, the records were not kept very well and there were something like 14 siblings, so the county records were not accurate). Also, her and my grandfather’s  wedding anniversary was September 5th, so those two days would be nice too. Our Lady’s birthday is the 8th, so hey, what better day to share!

Joshua is now asking me if I am writing a book, so I suppose I should let him get to business that he needs to do on the laptop.

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  1. Beth – rest up and enjoy the pampering! You have lots of (joyful) work ahead of you. God Bless every little Face-baby!

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