A walk

Today I went for a walk with Benedict, just around the yard, partly to get me back in to the swing of things and to get him some Vitamin D as he is a bit yellow. This morning he had a weight check and is a bit low, but we can’t say for sure if he is on the upswing from bottoming out or if I still have supply issues, so we will begin again with the more frequent weight checks. The doctor and midwife are not too concerned at this point, as he wets plenty and poops plenty also. (No really, this kid is a pooping machine.)

When I got back from the appointment, we had a visitor, our Very Special Priest Friend! The kids about fell over themselves to tell me his was here and we had a great visit. He blessed both me and the baby as well as Joshua and also blessed the home as well as Enthroned our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! We had a great conversation and had a great lunch with him, a great visit over all. I love asking questions like “What do you do when the music at Mass is unbearable?” He said “Be thankful that the validity of the Mass does not depend on the music”.  Good answer, Father. I then asked is the Mass still valid if the priest uses contractions during the Eucharistic Prayer and it was confirmed, with a yes, provided he says, properly, “This is My Body” and “This is My Blood” . After this conversation, was over, Joshua commented on how he has never heard a decent Mission Priest. …. For those who don’t know, our Very Special Priest Friend is from an order that, well, preaches parish missions. 🙂

Benedict’s Baptism will be this coming weekend and we are looking forward to it! I am excited to have my sister, Mary, joining us. We will have it in Macon at a Catholic Parish there so we will spend the night on Saturday night and go to Mass on Sunday, then the Baptism.

Joshua returns to work tomorrow, boo. Okay, not really. I mean, Sam, his totally awesome boss, gave him this past week off and said to work half days for the rest of this week. Thanks, Sam! It will certainly help to get things in order here.

I think the kids have finished cleaning up toys, so we will be going for a family walk now!

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