Per Bernadette’s Request

I have actually been meaning to post pictures of the house here, but I never think the house is clean enough, so I hold off. Of course, for each room that is clean, there is one that is messy. Today I figured most rooms look decent, so here you go!

**In the kitchen pictures, please pardon the things on the counter, thanks!

**In the bedroom, please pardon the baskets of clean laundry. I washed it all today but did not get a change to fold it all.

**Notice all the things stacked on the bookshelf, away from Caecilia. The top of the bookshelf is mostly school books for Karol and Margaret.

**The kids were in bed when I started this post, so I did not get a picture of their room. The other bedroom is used as the office and well, the room where we put boxes of books and things we did not want to unpack yet. In other words, I am not going to post a picture of it because it is too messy!

**I will try to get outside pictures tomorrow if my tired body makes it outside.

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  1. Aw, thanks, Beth!!! I love getting a peek into your home since we’ll almost certainly never be there in person. Your bedspread is gorgeous and your baby is precious!!!

    • Thanks, Anne. The bedspread was a total impulse buy when we lived in Chicago. I liked it because it was feminine without causing Joshua to be ill when he looked at it. I called him from the store and told him I found it, the last one on the shelf and on clearance for more than half off. Of course, our phones were not camera phone so he just had to go by my description. That was three years ago, so I guess he likes it.

  2. Thanks for putting the pictures up! Your house looks so “homey”! And the sleeping baby picture is adorable!

  3. I can’t believe your newborn is sleeping. Mine never did.

    • I have to say he is a great sleeper! However, he likes to sleep when I need to be awake and likes to be awake when I should be sleeping. Karol was not a sleeper though. Two to three hour stretches for the first nine months, ugh.

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