Monday Musings 25 October 2010

Right Now…10:05 and cloudy. Caecilia is playing, sort of quietly and the other two are playing a geography game on the computer. They work very well together.

This Weekend…we had plans for this weekend, doing things like making granola, pecan pie, grilling out burgers, you know, fun stuff. Well, none of that happened. We started Saturday out with Joshua letting me sleep in. I woke up around 915 and nursed Benedict until 945, just snuggling for the last few minutes and headed to the kitchen. Joshua was in there fying up some donuts, awesome. They were really really really good. I wish there were some left for this morning.

After donuts, I showered and got Margaret ready  we headed to the library, produce market and Target. I wanted to get the book “A Year Without ‘Made in China” and thankfully our library had it. Margaret picked out a book about the piano. Then we headed to the produce market. On the way there, we were stopped by a funeral procession. Down here, all the drivers on the road pull over to the side and wait for the procession to pass. I seem to recall some places up north do that, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

The produce market is south of town and just wonderful. Two green peppers for $1 and four cucumbers for $1, much better than the grocery store. We then headed over to Target where we had a treat from the Target cafe and walked around the store for a bit. Our Target is pretty small and lacks a lot in the clothing department. It also does not have a grocery section, just a little area with some snack foods, cake mixes, flour and milk. Yep, you can buy milk there and it is cheaper than the local grocery stores. If I am at Target, I buy our milk there. I wonder how weird it looks to be buying three gallons of milk to the cashier.

We got home and hung out for a bit, then I got dinner started. After dinner, Joshua took the kids to the park while I nursed Benedict, then we went out for a ride in the van. We ended up renting movies (who does that anymore!?) We haven’t rented movies in a long time, because we own pretty much any movie we want to see. However, Joshua wanted to get Ratatouille, for the kids, so we headed over. Of course, for some reason, the DVD doesn’t work in our player. What is up with that? All of our DVDs work just fine, but when we get one from the library/netflix/movie rental place, it does not work. So we ended up a bit frustrated but put on a Star Trek Deep Space Nine for us to watch with the kids and they fell asleep.

We left them sleeping on the couch (Karol and Margaret that is) and headed to bed. Benedict was sleeping and all was well. Until about 330 when I heard Margaret coughing and crying. She then stumbled back to our bedroom where I was half asleep and half hoping I was dreaming. I also had Benedict next to me and really couldn’t move at the time, so I nudged Joshua and he started taking care of her. I removed myself from the clutches of Benedict and went out to help. She puked on the couch, floor, area rug. Nice. We got it all cleaned up and headed back to bed. Benedict was somewhat awake at this point and needing me, so I did not get back to sleep for a while. We think that Margaret ate too much popcorn, too late at night.

With our sleep interrupted, we were racing to get to Mass, but made it on time, thankfully. After Mass we came home and Joshua made breakfast for us while I nursed again. We all took naps yesterday afternoon and woke up not nearly as crabby as we all were before our naps. Dinner was hamburgers cooked inside with zucchini and squash on the side. Joshua played video games with the kids while I vegged on the couch looking at Made in the USA websites and tried to find all leather shoes for children.

Oh, I forgot one thing, when I was getting in to the van to go on Saturday, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was a little three inch lizard. Yes, I screamed, like a girl. I ran to the window and made Joshua come out and remove that thing from my van, all while having the heeby-jeebies. Lizards, ew.

Some plans for the week…Preparing for our mini-vacation coming up in November. For school, we are having Space Week. Karol and Margaret are fascinated with seasons and stars and the moon, so I picked up some space books from the library to read with them. We will also have more evening reading lessons. Karol is on the ball and sounds out words all the time. Margaret is remembering sounds and recognizing more letters, which is awesome for her.

If I find some time for myself, I want to…ha ha ha.

Special prayer intentions…that our house closes this week!

Something that makes me smile…Caecilia building Lego towers on her own.

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  1. Please tell me you grilled out on your tool box grill.

    • No, we did not grill out at all, but if we had, the old Toolbox would have been the grill of choice.

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