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Next week is Thanksgiving! What?! There are still leaves on the tree, the highs are in the 70s, we don’t need jackets to play outside during the day and iced tea still sounds like a good beverage.

However, seeings as it is next week, I headed to the store last night to pick up our turkey bird and a few other things for Thanksgiving Dinner. Butter was on sale too, $2.50 a pound. Butter here is expensive, even for the store brand, so I was thrilled to find it for that price. (Even if it isn’t organic from grass fed cows, I will still enjoy it.) The grocery store was also having BOGO on canned veggies, so I stocked up there too. I don’t think I will have to do much shopping for a while now, except for milk and fresh produce! Sweet.

I also went to Target to pick up a shower curtain liner as the curtain we have is fabric. I have been meaning to do that for a while, but finally got around to it last night. I also picked up a Bumbo seat for Benedict. WOW. I had one with Caecilia and lent it to my sister. Since she still uses it and loves it, I decided to get another one and I am glad I did. I put Benedict in it last night while unloading the groceries and he loved it. He then sat and watched Papa do computer work while I did a few other things. This morning he was in it while I got Caecilia dressed and Karol thought it was the best thing ever. He showed Benedict all sorts of toys then Margaret showed him how to do lacing toy. We know that because we found Benedict holding on to one of the lacing toys and the lace.

Tonight I plan on making Alton Brown’s Fish Taco’s (minus the crema sauce) and I am very excited about it. The recipe seems so simple and I have a bunch of cilantro to use, yum!

Tomorrow Joshua’s parents will be here to spend the night, passing through on the way home from visiting family in Florida. We plan on having getting take out barbeque for dinner, yum. 🙂

Also this weekend I need to squeeze in time to bake a few pies for the parish bake sale and begin to prepare for our trip to KY for a wedding!!!!!! (I am more than just a bit excited about that!) I love going to KY to visit with our friends there, they are such great and wonderful (and so forgiving at our lack of communication!) people.

After KY we have a trip to visit my sister, Mary,  in SC for her birthday weekend. I want to do something the week between Christmas and New Years, but can’t really decide. I am thinking Avery Island, LA (home of Tabasco Sauce) with a stop in New Orleans, but we shall see, we might just stay home.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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