Monday Musings

Right now…it is 9:24 am, sunny and 62 degrees! Today promises to  be a beautiful day, the house is mostly clean, so I can spend the day relaxing a bit before I head in to a baking frenzy tomorrow!

This weekend…sigh, was good and frustrating. Joshua and I are both nursing colds. They aren’t bad, just annoying. Friday evening started out well, I made Alton Brown’s fish tacos and Joshua loved them.

Joshua’s parents were coming for a visit this weekend, just passing through to and from a visit to family in Florida. We weren’t sure when they were going to arrive, so some plans were up in the air. We found out that they wouldn’t be arriving until around 430, so I headed out to Target, the Pecan store and the produce market. I had Margaret and Benedict with me and that was great! I put Benedict in the sling and he stays so happy and content there. The pecan store was AWESOME. I put in an order for shelled pecans and they were only $6.99/lb! Awesome.

We came home to wait for the in laws to arrive and all the kids took naps, at the same time! When Joshua’s parents arrived, he and I headed out to pick up dinner. After dinner was a spirited conversation about politics. I am pretty sure that my inlaws think I am a liberal who voted for Obama. Nope, but I also don’t worship at the feet of Fox News. I listen to NPR too. 😉

Saturday night was hard, Caecilia did not want to sleep and Benedict was up all night too.

Sunday was Mass and lovely. We had a quick lunch out, well, C fell asleep in the van between church and the restaurant and Benedict needed to eat, so I sat in the van. Believe me, I was fine with that. We came home, took some impromptu pictures of the kids in the back yard, rested and folded five baskets of laundry! Then we discovered one more. Oh well. I can get that done today during nap time.

Some plans for this week…preparing the church bake sale items and baking for my family for Thanksgiving. Packing for our trip to KY (a wedding ;)). Keeping on top of the clean house, as I let it fall apart pretty badly a few weeks ago. Of course, schooling for the kids. Today we are celebrating  Caecilia’s feast day! For dinner tonight, I am making a beef brisket and we are having left over cheesecake bars, yum!

If I can find time for myself, I want to…I get two hours to myself tomorrow night, I am driving to our parish to drop off some baked goods. I will have Benedict with me, but that is just fine! I will probably pick up a coffee and drive slowly, perhaps pray a rosary or two.

Some prayer intentions for the week…for my dear friend Jaime, because I love her and she needs my prayers ;). My uncle Mike, who just completed a second round of treatment for a spot on his lung, this time via CyberKnife. For the soul of my dear friend, Rick Toracita, who passed away 5 years ago, today. Finally, for Emily and Steven as they prepare to be married this weekend.

Something that makes me smile: Benedict sitting up in his Bumbo seat. I really like that thing.

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