Monday Musings – 6 December 2010

Right now…7:15 am. I attempted to get up before the rest of the family and get a few things done. I had Benedict up with me and was feeding him and playing with him a bit when Karol joined us. A short time later, Caecilia came down the hallway…so there went my plans to get things done. Oh well. Karol has informed me that if I am up, they are up.

The sun is mostly up right now and there is quiet playing all around me.

(Okay, scratch that, as soon as I typed “me.”, Karol came looking for food. We ended up doing St. Nicholas Stockings with the kids. Karol and Benedict got matching robot teeshirts, Margaret got a skirt (her first skirt!) and a pair of tights and Caecilia got tights and a frying pan to play with.)
This weekend… Saturday was Caecilia’s 2nd birthday, so we celebrated a bit. I let them have cereal for breakfast, sugar cereal at that! Then we headed out on some errands, the library, to return some overdue books and to Hobby Lobby to look at shelves. Our house doesn’t have a fireplace in the main part, so I don’t have anywhere to hang stockings! We found a neat shelf that Joshua added some hooks to, for hanging stockings.

I made Whoopie Pies for her “cake” and of course, the kids sang Happy Birthday to her about 200 times during the day. It is hard to believe she is two already, but at the same time, I think “she is only two?!”. She enjoyed her birthday treat and her birthday dinner!

We finally put out the Advent Candles, no wreath this year, just four simple candles, on a shelf, so little hands won’t touch them. Last night we did the Blessing out of the Magnificat Advent edition then prayed compline together as a family.

Some plans for the week…we are going to visit my sister sometime this weekend, so I need to pack for that. I am looking forward to seeing her and the city she lives in. I also need to get some baking done to mail out to family this year. It seems like every other Christmas we are in a new place, so I make something from that area or that uses ingredients grown around us. Our first Christmas in Ohio found us mailing out Buckeye candies to everyone. This year, I am going to do something with pecans and peanuts.

If I can find time for myself, I want to…pish posh, time to my self? This week? I do have to pick up milk and eggs at the store, so I may, just may take a long time to do that and get myself a coffee at the bookstore near us and sit and read a bit.

Some prayer intentions for the week: For all the December birthday people! There are so many of them in my family and within our circle of friends. Also, for our friends in college and Seminary, as their finals approach, that they are able to focus and not be too stressed out! And, always on our prayer list, an increase in vocations to both priesthood and religious life.

Something that makes me smile: I found this when I woke up this morning. Margaret was laying on the couch under the stockings. I don’t think she knew they were there, but it was too cute to resist a quick snap with my phone. (The Advent candles are out on the table from last night still, you can see them at the bottom of the photo)


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