Just for Clarification…

Karol’s birthday was last week and his baptismday was on Monday. Margaret was born a year later on the same date as his baptismday and her baptismday is today! It is a busy week for all of us!

Did I mention I forgot Karol’s baptismday until we were half way through celebrating Margaret’s birthday? All was good though, I was prepared for it, I just had forgotten that day.

Today we took the kids out to dinner. I am glad it was more of a fast food type place and it wasn’t that busy because my kids were horrible. I guess it had to happen sometime, they have been really good lately at most places. Note to self: Caecilia still needs to be in a high chair, buckled in.

Today was also Margaret’s first time riding in a booster seat. I better parent would have taken pictures, I was just proud that I had all the kids ready to go when Joshua got home from work, I didn’t even think about pictures.

And that list I had earlier, of things to do. Well, ha ha ha, I swept the living room three times today, as well as once around the rest of the house, I washed diapers and bathed Caecilia and Benedict. The dishes are still in the dishwasher, but that is not a big deal to me. I did make those neat montages of the kids for their birthdays (albeit a bit late)!

Now I am working on things for Vianney Vocations and hoping to head to bed in one hour and ten minutes.

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