Monday Musings

Right now…7:00 pm,  dark and cool outside. The dishwasher is running and Joshua is reading a book to the kids. Benedict is sleeping next to me on the couch.
This weekend..on Saturday we hung around the house, relaxing. I was supposed to fold laundry, but had no desire to do so. I am okay with that. I am okay with it sitting, clean in baskets. Instead of folding laundry, we conferred with a friend to set up a blog, more about that later! I did some searching for a Family Doctor for our family and found one via the One More Soul website. He is in Tallahassee, an hour and a half a way, BUT he does not prescribe birth control and knows the Creighton Model of NFP. We don’t chart or anything, but that is the NFP we learned when we were first engaged. I have to call tomorrow to set up a physical appointment for myself. I am so excited about find him.

Also on Saturday, I went to the craft store and picked up a crochet hook. I started to use it, but the video I picked on line to watch wasn’t very helpful. It started in the middle of a lesson. I was not able to look up another one though. We also cooked out on Saturday night, hamburgers!

Sunday was Mass then home. We came home, had lunch, then put away Christmas. Now the kids are asking if it is Easter, like every five minute! It is bare in our living room, but looks nice. I pulled out a few things to place on the piano, so it looks a bit more homey in here.

We also made our way through four of the Star Trek movies this weekend too, ’cause as you might know, we are all geeks!
Some plans for the week: Work on addition and subtraction with Karol, make a doctor appointment and work on things for Vianney Vocations.

Special prayer intentions: The men studying at the Pontifical College Josephinum, as they begin their spring term this week.

If I find a little time for myself: Practicing crocheting some more!

Something that makes me smile: A sleepy Benedict…I forgot to mention that he slept from 10-ish last night to 530 this morning! I was in bed by 11 and woke up just before he did.

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  1. Nice stretch Benedict! Way to go! Also – yay for learning how to crochet!! I’ve just been picking it up again myself. I finished two hats recently (that I don’t like) but it’s nice to be crafting!!

  2. I’m always jealous when you mention a sleeping Benedict. Helen has been awake since the day she was born…almost nine months ago.

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