Monday Musings – 14 February

Right now…it is 1030 and the sun is shining, 56 degrees out side. Dinner is in the crock pot, making the house smell great.

This weekend…was full of stuff. On Saturday morning we watched the children of Joshua’s boss for a bit then I went to pick up grocery items. I had stops at the organic grocery, the produce market, the regular grocery store and the painful gas station. I was supposed to drop the vacuum off at Sears for repairs, but the traffic around the Mall was too crazy for me to deal with. When I got back from all of that, we put things away, divided and froze extra meat and sat down for a bit to relax before heading out to the K of C dinner.

Turns out there wasn’t a dinner this month, so we ended up going out to eat, finding a new Mexican place that was pretty yummy and had 99 cent Margaritas! After we got home and put the kids to bed, Joshua “surprised” me with the movie “Arthur”. I have to say I haven’t laughed  like that in a long long time.

Sunday found us scurrying around for Mass. Joshua cantored this weekend, so we had to be there early, plus I had planned a surprise trip that we were leaving from right after Mass, so I needed to make sure we had all the things together. We did have it all together and arrived on time, praise God!. Caecilia was not good at Mass yesterday, at all. When Joshua got up to cantor the Psalm, Caecilia got all excited and pointed to him and watched him very closely. After the Psalm, Joshua sat down off the the side of the ambo, for the second reading. Caecilia decided that it would be a good time to go get him. She stood up, said, “Papa” and tried to run up to him. We sit in the second pew, so I had to act fast. I grabbed her and she started screaming. I had B in the sling and carried C to the vestibule, where we spent the rest of Mass. She was most certainly a bad baby. I had to laugh though, because what else could I do? Not to mention, our parish family loves children, loves them and are understanding about misbehaving children, so it makes it easier when our kids act up. There is nothing like having a misbehaving child who needs to be taken out and getting glares as you try to take care of the situation.

After Mass, we changed to casual clothes and went on our surprise trip. We drove south to the Gulf and went spent the afternoon at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. We had the best time. We didn’t take the camera, so there aren’t very many pictures, and the ones we did get are on Joshua’s phone. I snapped a few with mine, but no pictures of the kids. We walked along the shore line and found a crab for the kids to play with. They loved it. There were some people riding horseback and let the kids pet the horses, which the kids loved.  After dinner in Tallahassee we headed home for the night, it was a good day.
Some plans for this week: J’s birthday is this week, so I will make a cake. I have dinners planned out for the week, so I think we will just have a laid back week, catching up on schoolwork.

Some prayer intentions for the week: For our friends who are trying to sell their farm. They have someone who is interested in it and are asking for the intersession of St. Philomena. Also, we learned today that Karol’s Godfather, Brother Basil, will be ordained a Deacon in March, on the 19th, in Norcia. We are overjoyed with this news, and are praying fervently for our dear friend! We are also praying that we are able to somehow make the trip to Roma this fall for his priestly ordination. Also, the mother in law of Joshua’s boss passed away yesterday, her funeral is this week, Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord and May the Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her.

Something that makes me smile: One of the pictures from my phone from yesterday.

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