Thursday Chats

*Today, Benedict rolled over from his back to his front. He did it like he has been doing it every day for his entire life. He has been army crawling for a while, but now he is attacking toys. The Lego box, Lincoln Log box and plastic animal box are all fair game as far as he is concerned. He grabs a hold of the top and pulls it over, then empties the contents. His older brother and sister are not amused when they have to clean it up.

*I am continuing to experiment with Quinoa. My second recipe was a major hit for both a meatless meal and with meat, using the leftovers.  Check for the recipe at Family Hearth.

*Our Steam-vac arrived today. I am looking forward to cleaning the sofas. Our vacuum cleaner was also ready to be picked up from the shop, so Joshua did that on his way home from work. It is nice to have it back, I missed it, no really, I did.

*Back to the Quinoa, I paid quite a bit for it at the local organic store so I checked around the ‘net to see if there was a cheaper way to get it and thankfully, I have. I also discovered that there is pasta made out of Quinoa and Quiooa flour. I have been reading about grains and how the grains we have available to us these days are not very good for us. I am not thinking about cutting out all of our grain intake, but maybe not eating so much. (Quite honestly, we do use a lot of flour around here, lots.)

*We are making the Pork Explosion this weekend and I cannot wait. Southerners do like their pork and I am trying to assimilate, don’t you know. Okay, not really, I will not drink sweet tea, ever.

*Did you know that it is Florida strawberry season? I have been buying some of the best strawberries I have ever had at the Farmers Market. The kids love them, I love them, we all love them, they are soooooooooo good.

*Since Margaret caught her big fish, she has been saying things like “I can do this because I am a big girl and I caught a big fish”. I turned it around on her today when she was not eating her lunch. I told her “Big girls who catch big fish eat all their food” and she started eating. Is this a bad thing?

*How does one keep clothes on her two year old? Caecilia will start out dressed then take her clothes off and run around, then fights when it is time to get dressed again.

*Did I tell you that on Sunday, when after Margaret caught her fish and we were walking back to our friends’ house, Karol ran in to clothesline? He had a nice looking bruise on his neck for a few days, thankfully it went away.

*Last but certainly not least, we purchased a Berkey Water Filtration System a while back. Our water has no tastes and now I drink more than the recommended eight glasses a day. Come the next baby, my midwife won’t have to nag me to drink my water!

*Speaking of Midwives, my midwife with Benedict moved to Atlanta. She was the only midwife in South Georgia who attended homebirths…the day she packed the u-haul to move north to be with her husband, she let her clients know that there was a person to take her place! Prayers have been answered.

*No, I am not pregnant again, not that I would have a problem with that.

Officially done now.

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