The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In my life this week…
I spent a good amount of time adjusting to DST. I have a hard time with that, do you? I think I finally am adjusted. I am dealing with a strong willed two year old too, and that hasn’t helped. Coffee hasn’t worked either!!!
In other news, our little green car is dead. We have had it for eight years and it has served us well. We have put quite a bit of money in to it over the past three years and with this last repair, it is just time to replace it.  We were looking at used, but realized the used car market is pretty expensive and we can buy a new one for the same price, or close to it, so we are praying about that right now.
In our homeschool this week…
We focused on Karol mostly, because I want to finish Kindergarten before the end of Lent so we can celebrate the Resurrection and take a break for a few weeks after that, before we begin first grade!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Tomorrow is clean up day at the K of C Hall and I know Joshua is going. He is talking of having the whole family go, I am not sure about that. I might have Karol go with him. We are thinking of doing a tour at the Okefenokee Swamp, but I am holding off to see if Kroger has a better sale next weekend. (Waycross has the closest Kroger to us and I do love Kroger, so if we go to a town that has one, I stop and shop.)  I am making Karol an eye appointment, as one of his eyes sometimes looks like it is not in line with the other. He doesn’t seem to have any problems, but better safe than sorry.
My favorite thing this week was…
Having Karol help with chores. Oh, the kids have things they are expected to do around here, but I added emptying the dryer to the list of things Karol does. He loved it. He even moved things over from the washer to the dryer. (gotta love front loaders!)
What’s working/not working for us…
Staying consistent!
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
I have read that Southern Mamas do schooling in the summer time because it is just too darn hot to be outside. I plan on doing that this summer with Karol for first grade work. We have a big trip coming up in August, so I will take time off for that (well, from book work, we will do on the road education then) but I figure for the rest of the summer months, we will just plug along at school work.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
I got nothin’ people, well I have something on my laptop, but it went kaput yesterday and Joshua is working on it for me. 🙂
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  1. We finally dumped car payments this year. Never doing that again. 🙂 We now own a 97big passenger van and hope it runs forever.
    Hope you guys can find a good car. We school lightly through summer and go camping.
    Anyway have a blessed weekend.

  2. We just paid off our minivan, ahead of schedule and happily so. I was hoping to be without a car payment for a bit, but we need something for my husband’s commute and for a “errand car”, that gets decent gas mileage.

  3. Hi, I am new here and am following from the homeschool mothers journal. I have enjoyed reading about your week. I am also planning on homeschooling through the summer. I figure why not? We can take a few days off here and there if needed. I think it is great having the kids help out with chores. That is something I need to be more consistent with. I do have my oldest fold the laundry a few days a week. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think chores are the hardest to introduce to kids, because I can do them faster with better results than they can. I realized last night that Karol has never really helped with the dishes. He unloads the dishwasher and clears the table of his plate after meals, but has never stood at the counter, on a chair, and washed a dish. I think we may introduce that soon. 🙂

      For homeschooling through the summer, really, it will be so hot and nasty. I told my husband that we have a nice tanned glow right now, but when we go back to north to visit in August, we will be pasty white, because we haven’t been outside in months.

      I am glad you commented today! Come back again. 🙂

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