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I have been trying and failing to wake up before the kids and Joshua, so that I am able to have some quiet time before facing the day. However, I am very bad at obeying an alarm clock, unless I have to be somewhere. So, the other day, I put a new alarm clock app on my phone, as the other one seemed to never go off, of if it did, I would turn it off and fall right back to sleep. I started looking for an alarm with more gentle tones, to slowly wake me up,  like my old phone did. I found an app that did all that and more.

The alarm can be set up to move the snooze time back by a set time each time you hit snooze, so, at first you set the snooze time, then you set how many minutes to take off with each hit of the snooze, so I set it to take off two minutes each time. It can also be set so that in order to snooze, you have to do math problems. This is the best feature by far, oh yes. I set it so that I would have to do five easy math problems before it would shut off.

With my alarm all set, for a 630 wake up call, I got in to bed, and played with other apps on my phone. (Honestly, I read the World Fact Book App, to help relax, ask me about the GDP of any country, I got it.) I was going to tell Joshua about my new app, but fell asleep before he got in to bed. I fell asleep with the phone in my hand, so he took it and placed it on his side of the bed.

You see where this is going, right?

The alarm went off, and kept going off, I rolled over to Joshua and saw him, half sitting up and asked why he just didn’t turn it off.

“I want to, but it is asking me fifty math questions.”

Was the response I received. Really, it was only five. He finally them done, laid down and went back to sleep. I was wide awake though, so I thought it worked nicely!

That night, Joshua made sure I had my phone on my side of the bed, and when the alarm went off the next morning, I got to do the math problems. I can assure you, there were only five problems. They were supposed to be easy, but when you are half asleep and without your glasses, it is hard to decipher the difference between ” * ” and  ” + “. Also problems that look like this: 18 + 24, are not easy either.

It did, though, wake me up. I extracted myself from the toddler laying next to me, and managed a shower and put an oven baked pancake in the oven before anyone was up!

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  1. I need that app! When I get a new phone this summer I’ll contact you for the details.

    • It really is a great app!

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