Monday Musings – Last Monday of March

Right now… 929 pm, the sun has gone to bed and so must I….59 degrees and humid, humid, humid. We have had rain for three days now, I hope this is not the beginning of Humidity Season.

This weekend…we started with the celebration of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. On Saturday we stayed home and hung around the house. I rearranged the bedroom as Benedict is soon to outgrow the cradle, so I needed a space to set up his crib or the pack n play, whatever I decide to use. I then went to  a friend’s house to pick up a chair she was getting rid of.

Sunday we went to Mass then home. Joshua has a K of C thing and I was at home with the kids. I had a major headache start just after he left and desperately wanted to sleep, but with the two older kids being awake I couldn’t. Thankfully Benedict and Caecilia were sleeping. My headache went away slowly over the evening, after we had a round of thunderstorms go through.

Some plans for the week ahead:

Tomorrow night is Founders Night at the K of C Hall, so we will be going to that as a family. The rest of the week I will be preparing for my trip to Atlanta for the Home School Conference. I am really looking forward to going!

If I find some time for myself, I want to…

Well, since I will have time to myself on Friday night, I have plans. I will be going to Trader Joe’s to check it out then possibly to Chipotle for dinner, then I will chill out at my hotel room with the Food Network and read a bit.

Prayer intentions for this week:

For those who are looking for employment, for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life, for our special seminarian friend as the end of the school year approaches, for an openness to life and the end of the use of contraception and for those who go without, that they are helped by those who are more fortunate.

Something that makes me smile:

Watching Benedict crawl around the house and smiling when he finds me.

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