Thursday Chats, Downpour Edition.

*The skies opened up on Saturday afternoon and for the first time in two weeks (and only the second time this month) it rained. Since Saturday, we have had 3.01 inches of rain, 2.03 of that fell yesterday.

*With the rain falling, the kids got crazy, so yesterday we did a playdate with friends and had a good time. Cassie and I made fun of  a certain parenting magazine and talked about how relaxing it was to hang out. It also helps that our kids get along splendidly, really, no fights.

*Have I mentioned that I only have one kid in diapers now? Yep, I would like to announce that Miss Caecilia, The Wild One, is potty trained. She has not had a daytime accident in, oh, I have no idea how long! Night time is a bit different, maybe two a week, but no big deal, I just wash the sheets.

*How did we accomplish this with a just two year old? Prunes. Yes, prunes were her “prize” when she would go in the potty. Now she will announce a trip to the bathroom, take care of business, then walk out saying “prizy” and point to the cabinets with prunes. She only gets them now for #2s. Somehow, that just seems right.

*I purchased a wrap and I love it! I will tell you more about it in another post!

Off to Atlanta tomorrow! See you on Sunday!

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