It was a hallway sort of a night

I woke up shortly after 4 this morning to a raging thunderstorm. I said a quick prayer of thanksgiving because they were supposed to start around 2, so I got to sleep a bit more.

Anyway, I looked at the weather on my phone and saw TORNADO WARNING for our county. I woke J up and ran to get the girls (k had migrated to our bed at some point) and headed for the hallway. Joshua grabbed some blankets and the toddler matresses for us to sit/lay on and put the kids on them.

I grabbed Benedict and headed for the hallway to sit while checking my phone again. The tornado was north of town, about 15 miles from us, and heading away, but the storm was really heavy here.

When things started quieting down, I ended up taking B back to our room and laid down in my bed, soon to be joined by the other kids, leaving J to sleep in the hallway.

Thankfully we were not affected by the storm and the power is still on :).

The kids want to know all about tornados now. I wanted to show them a video but the internet is down :(.

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  1. Just show them ‘The Wizard of Oz’. That should explain everything.

    Glad to hear everyone is well.

    • Yeah, that should do it, but how do I explain the flying monkeys? shudder….

  2. Oh, boy! We lived in Alabama for a year and I do not miss tornadoes!

    I’m glad everything turned out o.k.

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