That is how much I spend today on this bounty of veggies and fruit. Yay for Farmer’s Markets!

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  1. wow. You did well. Those bell peppers alone usually cost me a dollar a piece, 50 cents if I’m lucky.

    They were 10/$1.00. They were already bagged, so it was a “kinda take your chance” and I lucked out, only one had a bad spot! I was able to cut it off and eat the rest. The unbagged peppers were 3/$1.00.

    The cucumbers were 8/$1.00 and at the grocery store, there were 2/$1.49. I am amazed that more people do not go to the farmers market!

  2. Yum!!! Nothing better than fresh, organic vegetables!!!

  3. These are all some of my favorites because they are always such a great value and so nutritious! Got to love great buys!

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