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I posted yesterday about the dress I bought from eShakti. Here are pictures of it, pardon the wrinkles, I have not had a chance to iron it yet.


Here is an up close of the embroidery.


And the tag “custom”! That is so cool.



Our back yard had a fig tree and it is full of yummy figs. Caecilia and our little friend, Vincent love these.


Since there are so many of them, we are going to turn them in to jam and put them up.  We will take some of them when we go on vacation next month to give to friends and family. (You’ve been warned)


No, we won’t be using all those jars for the jams we also have a huge bucket of yummy honey that we want to share with friends too. We bought this five gallon bucket last fall at you pick citrus stand in Florida.  It is the best honey I have ever hand and aside from bing filtered, nothing else has been done to it! So I will put some of the honey in to those jars to give away also.



Benedict is our funny boy, here is some proof of that.


He’s telling you all about the table and his pacifier…


…and waving his arms a million miles an hour…


…and offering to share.


With a heat index of 96 at 10:00 am, this is how we spend part of our days. The kids went out for a half hour after breakfast before the gnats and the heat chased them in.


No, these aren’t all mine, we have two kids on loan for the week.

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  1. the dress is so beautiful! I look forward to ordering one sometime in the future. thanks for sharing the site!

  2. You know, you can also do honeyed figs in the jars, or brandied figs…we had a wonderful fig tree in Charlotte, which I miss.

    I love our local honey, too, and usually buy a couple of gallons every summer. Hope to have my own bees one day!

  3. very pretty dress- I’ve looked at the site…now I am convinced to try it

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