Some People…

…feel the need to inform me that I have not written for two weeks, then have the audacity to complain about my choice of topic to write about. You know who you are.

She was right though, I had not written anything for two weeks, mostly because we were on vacation and partly because I have major writers block. Really, it took me 2 hours and the sucked the life out of me to write my post on Ron Paul (and it was just links). I have three or four draft posts started but can’t seem to finish them. So this post will be just a quick update on what we have been up to.

*We went on vacation to Indiana, Michigan and Ohio at the beginning of this month. The time went by very fast and it is so hard to fit everyone we want to see in. Next time!

* Benedict is walking. He is up to 12 steps in a row before deciding crawling is much easier.

* Yesterday Margaret, Karol and I had an appointment with the eye doctor. Margaret is farsighted, so she will be wearing glasses now. She did enjoy picking out her glasses. Karol is slightly farsighted too, but the doctor said that he would not need glasses and he will grow out of it. I picked out two new pairs because, well, because it was two pairs for the price of one. I needed new glasses because I had lost mine while swimming in Michigan. Don’t ask.

* We have a busy month ahead of us again. In addition to schooling the youngin’s, we have our very special priest friend coming for a visit in just over a week. Joshua has a conference in the middle of September, then he comes home for about 12 hours then is off to Italy with Karol.

* I am going to teach the Confirmation class at our Parish and I look forward to it. I have to redo the Virtus training this weekend for that. I am not looking forward to that at all, bah. My consolation will be that it is in Valdosta and I can pick up a coffee from Elianno’s before hand and after….maybe.

*We had some new friends over for dinner the other night and had tons of fun. Tons. I am glad that God has blessed us with friends down here in South Georgia.

*Kroger sent me some coupons for free milk,  butter and  eggs and a money off  few other things. I think my grocery shop next month will involve Kroger because the savings on free milk, butter and eggs will more than pay for the gas to get to the closest store (an hour and a half away). The Kroger is also kinda sorta near the ocean, so perhaps the family will just have to take a beach trip!



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