Travel Dreams

It never fails that shortly before traveling somewhere, I have dreams about things happening before the trip to prevent me from being able to go.  Well, Joshua and Karol are leaving for Italy tomorrow and I have been preparing things for them. (Joshua is currently en route back from my old stomping grounds, Detroit. So he will empty his suitcase and fill it up to head out tomorrow.)

This morning Karol came to my room and somehow managed to kick me in the head (while he was sleeping) which woke me up. I moved him off of Margaret and away from my head, then laid there for a bit. I finally drifted back to sleep when I had this dream:

Karol, Joshua and I were traveling to Italy. I was a last minute addition, so I had to throw things together and get ready. We were almost to the airport when I realized that I did not have my passport. I ended up having to stay in a shack and live off of wheat crackers with Benedict while trying not to be noticed by the people who lived near the shack.
This dream has me worried that I don’t have everything together for Karol. Clothes (dress, travel and casual) check. Books for the plane and train, check. Passport, check. Shoes (dress and causal), check. (I even washed his sandals). Hair cut, check. Clipped nails (toes and hands), check.  Bath will be done tonight.  What am I missing?

Karol does not know he is going yet either. Those of you with children will know why we haven’t told him. We plan on telling him tonight. I have a friend who requested that we video tape telling him, so we will and I will attempt to share it here.

In other news, Margaret decided that today would be the day to knead gum in to her hair. I did the peanut butter trick and was able to get some of it out, but in the end I had to cut 2 inches off. It is in the back, underneath most of other hair, so I don’t think it will be noticeable.  It is the first time her hair has ever met scissors. Sadness.




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