Monday Musings

…let’s try this again….


Right now….just shy of 10:00 am. The older kids are doing their best at not finishing their breakfast (but they cannot get up until they are done.) Their breakfast is leftover chili which was also their dinner last night. I will not be serving it for lunch, hence they have to sit and eat it now! The other two are playing having a grand time. The weather here is 68 and cloudy. The wind is really blowing with gusts I’d say up to about 30 mph. It is a beautiful day!

This weekend…Joshua and I organized the upstairs clothes situation. Our closets are short and my dresses and some of his clothes touch the floor, they are also kinda small, so we often times just have clothes that should be hung up laying on the changing table. Each bedroom upstairs had an alcove area. In the rooms that the kids are in, there are built in desks, but ours is just an empty space, kinda useless too. Joshua hung up two closet rods there so we can hang up our clothes. Eventually we will put doors there too. Once that was done, we organized the clothes in the dressers, emptied out the “linen cabinet” (as Ikea calls it) and put Benedict’s clothes in there, hung clothes in the new “closet” and woosh, the morning was gone! After lunch, we worked on sorting papers in the office, it was crazy nuts in there, but looks much better.

Later on Saturday, we went to Valdosta for Confession and the monthly K of C dinner. The plan was to go to the park between, because there are two hours, but as I was walking out of the church, rain started falling. We ended up at the mall play area. It was okay, the kids had fun and the other kids were not the mean variety. We had dinner at the Knights hall then headed home.

Sunday started out early, with me heading out to teach Confirmation Class. It starts at 845, so I leave before the rest of the family and they meet me when it is time for Mass. Yesterday’s lesson was about the Mass, in particular the Liturgy of the Eucharist. I thought it went well…and Father’s homily was along the same lines, so the kids got it twice!

After Mass, our friend Margaret and her wee Baby Alan came over to pick up the bumbo seat and had brunch with us. After she headed home, we hung around a bit, then went outside. We have four pecan trees on our property or that hang over our property line and some of them are dropping pecans (or branches) already, so we gathered them and let me tell you, it makes me happy to see free pecans!

After dinner, I worked on my lesson plan for next week’s Confirmation Class and relaxed. It is nice to have the plan all done and I can focus on other things, like cleaning out the pantry.

Some plans for this week… clean an organize the pantry! I have a few skirts I would like to make for myself and for the girls. I pulled the material out a while ago, but haven’t had the time to dedicate to making them. I also have the parish Ladies Guild meeting on Thursday.  Saturday we are supposed to go to the farm of someone we know. They have goats and chickens, both of which we hope to get sometime in the near future. I also have coupons for Kroger that expire on Sunday. The closest Kroger is 1.5 hours away, but the prices there are so good that if gas were so expensive, it would be cheaper all around to drive out there and buy groceries. Since the coupons I have have are by oll the gifts God has givenne get one (including bacon and butter) that will pay for the gas there and back, so we will go and stock up on a few other things we need. (Like unbleached flour, a rarity down here). Oh and school of course, Karol is

If I find some time for myself, I would like to…well, I get the time when I go to the Ladies Guild, so I will go there, pray the rosary and enjoy some time with other lovely ladies.

I am grateful for…for my little family….a faithful Pastor and a wonderful little parish….our little plot of land in the middle of the pecan grove…
Some prayer intentions for the week:  For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and to religious life. For our good friend, Stephen the Seminarian, for Jaime and her special intention, for me and patience!

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  1. You know…. instead of hanging closet doors, you could go “all Trading Spaces” and hang long curtains. That’s what is in our bedroom, and I thought it was weird. Now, I actually like it.

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