New Translation of the Roman Missal

In just a few short weeks, the English speaking Catholics of the world will be praying the prayers of the Mass just a bit differently. What has your parish been doing to prepare for the changes?

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  1. Well, at school there have been conferences and pamphlets everywhere to explain and prepare for the changes. In Marion…? I’m sure you know that NOTHING has been going on.

    BTW, please visit my new blog site I made as a school project! I hope you like it:

    • Bern! I have it on my google reader, so I get all your updates! I love it! I think I may use it to help my Confirmation class along Saint information.

      I am interested to know about Marion, as this is HUGE and I’d hate to have people be caught unaware. I was at a retreat with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word at the end of October and one of the talks was about the new translation, it was amazing.

  2. Well, almost nothing in Marion. We were told to educate ourselves with a free book. For a few weeks now, the new sung Mass parts have been introduced. They are unsingable. Even if you read music, the vocal gymnastics required are ridiculous. The chanted versions out there are much easier to sing and much more beautiful – but you know we can’t chant at Mass – that’s so yesterday! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

  3. My diocese has been very GOOD about educating the people about the new mass. They have had a TON of classes to learn about it. Our bulletin even had a 12 part series about it. I’m working on writing a few posts about it on my blog also. Advent and christmas will definitely be interesting 🙂

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