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* I asked you all how your parish is handling the New Translation (coming soon and very soon!) but I didn’t tell you how mine was handling it. Our pastor and deacon have been giving a series of homilies on the New Translation and what it means, why it’s being done and what else we can expect. I have to say that they have been more than informative, and thankfully my children have been pretty well behaved during Mass the homily as of late, I have heard most of them. I am very much looking forward to November 27th!

* It is 828 in the morning, 45 degrees outside, heading for a high of 66 today. Just so you know, Wednesday it was 84 and muggy. Today is certainly sweater  weather. MyChia (as our sweet Caecilia calls herself) is still sleeping, highly unusual. The other three are playing in the toy room and no one has asked me for food. This is a most unusual morning.

* Tonight we are meeting Joshua in town to go grocery shopping. Our local Publix store is having  an awesome sale on butter and flour. Usually butter is $4.00/lb and flour is $2.50 or more for five pounds. This week butter is 2/$4 and flour is $1.99 a bag. In addition to the other bogo deals, this should be a fruitful shopping trip. The only thing we cannot buy there is meat, because it is so expensive there, so  stop at the Piggly Wiggly or Harveys will be in order.

* I have a little part time (from home) job that I started at the beginning of the month. One of the things I do is read various diocesan newspapers for activities to post to various social networking sites. It is really a lot of fun and I get paid to surf the ‘net. However last night, I noticed something disturbing in one paper I was reading. The amount of Christmas happening during Advent. “Christmas Comes to X Parish” is the title of one of the Christmas concerts happening in early December. What?! We have 12 wonderful days of Christmas where (at least in my experience) parishes seldom do anything, but hey let’s cram it all in during Advent.

* Yesterday I logged in to bank where our mortgage is held to see where to send our tax bill to when I saw that we were past due. Huh? I will say that when I sent our payment (electronically) I only sent $100 (for some reason, not sure why, no our mortgage isn’t $1000) but realized by error two days later and sent the rest (electrically). The second payment posted on the 3rd and our payments are due the 1st. However, there isn’t a late fee until the 16th of the month for late payments. So I called to ask what in the world was going on. Turns out that if you send a payment for less than the amount due, they hold it without applying it because they have no idea what to do with it. So when I sent the difference to make the payment the full amount, nothing happened. The woman on the phone said she would have to email someone and get it taken care of. What? You can’t just fix that? So, here it is, the next day, almost 24 hours later and nothing has been done yet.

I asked her about the late fee and she said, because I had never been late on a payment before, they will waive it. I wanted to say “Well, since I wasn’t late this time, it shouldn’t be there at all.” but knowing what the big bad banks can do to my mortgage and my credit, I nicely said “Thank you.” Anyone want to guess on how long it will take to get things fixed up?

* MyChia just arrived downstairs, so I must sign off! Have a great day.  Oh, before I forget, I am doing a Christmas card give away pretty soon, stay tuned for details!

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