So Blessed

I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my wee children. If I didn’t I would have missed all of this:

1. Karol holding Milo the Cat and trying to tickle him under the arm.

2. Caecilia having a conversation between Kermit and her Lamb. (complete with bahhh, bahhh. bahhhh)

3. Margaret putting her drawing book in the litter box while she lays blankets on the ground outside, on the wet ground, to sit on.

4. Margaret asking to take her drawing book everywhere she goes and drawing magnificent pictures! Today’s pictures were the Crucified Christ, snowmen (round and square) and the Nativity scene.

4. Benedict standing on the coffee table and dancing, then crawling over the arm of the couch for a quick snuggle.

5. Karol asking to watch cooking man (aka Alton Brown) so he can learn all about Kosher salt.

Ah, yes,  being a stay at home mother is the best job in all the world.

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  1. Here, here!
    Yes it is.

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