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Today I am joining Leila over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for this week’s


I wrote earlier this week about visiting the Carmelite Sisters in Savannah, Georgia. They were all so beautiful that I wanted to share the picture again.


A few weeks ago, we made homemade from scratch bolognese sauce and noodles. I was pretty happy with the outcome and look forward to trying different bolognese recipes. Do you have a favorite?


Yesterday, I sent the kids outside to play as it is summer still in South Georgia. Karol brought this to me and told me flowers make me happy. This is both beautiful and funny, because Karol is a funny boy.


Our faith is real! Our faith is serious! Now is the time to stand up and take ownership of the graces God has given us.


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  1. Did you say it’s still summery where you are? My, my. Actually, we’re having a mild winter in Ct.

    • It is pretty summer, well it has been, we did have frost this morning 🙂 My husband usually scrapes it off the car and puts it in a pile for the kids to play with 🙂

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