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round button chicken

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Sister Joseph Marie

This past weekend, I wen to Birmingham, Alabama for a retreat with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. While there, I was able to visit with a family friend, Sister Joseph Marie. Joshua has known her since she was just a child! It was fun to catch up with her!


Chocolate Chip pancakes in honor of the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord!

They made everyone happy!


Can’t get these kids to smile all at once. (Or even the baby to show up for pictures!) 🙂 This is the kids waiting for the pancakes to be done. Karol helped them all get dressed this morning. His shirt is askew and inside out, Caecilia’s dress is on backwards and Margaret’s shirt it stained. 🙂


Yesterday, my friend Margaret came over so we could make spaghetti sauce for our parish’s fundraiser, which is tonight. Our job was to make sauce using 10 pounds of ground beef (that’s each). This here is what fat from 20 pounds of ground beef looks like.

Besides throwing it away, any ideas of what I can do with it? It is almost pure fat.

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  1. Maybe suet cakes for the birds? That’s an impressive amount of fat!

    • What a good idea, I had never thought about that! It is a huge amount of fat, if it were bacon fat, I’d have a field day with it!.

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