Don’t Cross That Line

As readers of my blog and those who know me in real life,  know I seldom back down from a fight. I usually don’t mind a little back and forth and I do, contrary to what others might want to believe, listen to what others have to say.

However, today, a line was crossed. 

After Mass, while we were standing in front of the church, I was approached by a fellow parishioner and was told that I need to watch who I am associating with and called those of us who support Ron Paul rabble-rousers, he said a few other things as well, about how the Ron Paul people will betray me.

Excuse me? There is a time and a place for discussions about politics (and threats) but following Mass, while standing in sight of the Tabernacle, after receiving our Lord in the Eucharist is not that time.

Also, both my husband and I are Ron Paul supporters, so why did not he not speak with him as well? Why just approach me? Why not speak with the both of us? I honestly feel that there was some bullying tactics going on there.

If you want to discuss politics with me, ask me for my phone number, ask me to meet you for coffee, ask me if you can talk to me, but do not blindside me, while standing outside of the church (where we just received our Lord) and talk to me as if I am some sort of idiot for believing in liberty and supporting the candidate who will truly defend the Constitution of the United States.

I wrote this last night and for some reason it didn’t post when I hit publish. That is fine because it gives me a chance to add this part: 

I have never discussed politics with this man, nor anyone else, at church. This man has never said more than 10 words to me. Our formal introduction was at the District Convention for the Republican Party, we exchanged pleasantries and went on our way, we have never spoken at church.  I doubt he reads this blog and I know he can’t see what I put on Facebook.  Also, at the District Convention, it was pretty clear that we were Ron Paul supporters (who are following the Party rules). Why didn’t he approach us there? 

That all being said, I still support Ron Paul for president, but what’s more, I have guaranteed God given rights under the Constitution and I am not going to sit back and shut up while those rights are being taken away from me.  

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  1. Beth,
    Did he really use the term “rabble-rousers”?

    • Yep. Oh, yeah. Can’t make that stuff up, Andrea 🙂

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m confused about what his actual point was…I mean, how the heck does he know that the Ron Paul “people” will betray you? What does that mean anyway? If he was a true gentleman, I believe it would have been better if he would have approached you AND your husband. What happend to good, old fashioned manners?
    There are several in our parish that actually sport a “Obama 2012” sticker on their car bumpers. I can’t get my head around how someone can come to church, be in the REAL presence of Our Lord…and with a good conscience, have that bumper sticker on their car. However, I would probably (I will never say NEVER) not feel the need to get my “digs” in epecially in light of the fact that I had just received the precious body and blood. Can you say, “awkward”???

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