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If this is summer in South Georgia, I’ll take it. I don’t die when I go outside. I can breathe when I go outside, I can pick tomatoes without worrying about heatstroke, my kids can play outside at the heat of the day and not be back in three seconds later!

Yes, everyone keeps telling me to wait until July and August and I get that, BUT it was much hotter last year at this time not to mention muggy. Plus each day that is “cool” means one day closer to September, when the weather really does cool back down, not to mention a lower electric bill. Our biggest one here  was last summer and it was $370. Yeah, ouch.

Other things on the home front:

* I ordered Margaret’s school work as well as Karol’s and we have dived into it. Margaret was like a kid waiting for her birthday, asking if her things had arrived yet, everyday for nearly a week. She was so proud when it finally did come. We started school again on Monday, Margaret doing first grade work and Karol doing second grade. It is different schooling two kids now. We don’t finish much before 1130, and I have to learn to focus on one of them at a time (which means teaching them how to interrupt appropriately, especially Karol).

* Joshua and our friend Day put up netting over the chicken coop so that we are able to let our chickens roam around all the time. We had a problem with an animal getting in the coop and would have to put the chickens in their hutch overnight, but now, they are set to roam around during the day and night!

From the file of things I want to try:

Fermented Lemons

Sourdough Starter

Well, now the kids are up and fighting 🙂 Talk to you later!


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