A House Call in 2012

Today, MyCia (as she calls herself) was trying to be a baby with a laundry hamper, a pillow, and the fireplace hearth. Somehow she managed to fall and hurt herself pretty badly. There was a lot of blood, a lot, but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. My first check is usually the mouth, as she bleeds easily when she is hit in the mouth.  After a bit of washing up I finally found the spot on the back of her head where she had done a good job of scraping her scalp.  (yes, I was on the phone freaking out to my husband, who was on his way home from work) .

The bleeding stopped before I could even locate where it was coming from, and after doing a quick check for a concussion, I made a spot for her on the couch. She sat and talked and sang some while waiting for Joshua to get home.  She seemed fine, so I decided that we would just keep an eye on her and take her to urgent care if she threw up or indicated a head trauma.

Shortly after dinner, she was wrestling with her Papa, when he noticed she was bleeding again. We decided then, that she would probably need to go to the ER to get checked out. Joshua called a friend of ours, also the local doctor, to find out which hospital would be best to take her to. The doctor asked Joshua what symptoms Cia had told him that he didn’t think she had any major problems. Then he offered to stop by to check her out.

No really, that happened.

He said heads are bleeders and after looking at her head, said that the extra bleeding came from a hematoma breaking loose and that she is fine. (She is acting like the same MyCia that we love. She is sleeping next to me right now and I may sleep on the couch to be next to her.)

So, we paid him with two dozen chicken eggs (fresh from the back yard, of course!) and he laughed. A true country doctor now.


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