Monday Musings

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Right now…I am parked on the couch, listening to Benedict sing as he is falling asleep. Karol is about to go out to chase some chickens and the girls are cleaning up their tent mess.

This weekend…we started on the painting of the toy room. That room is so dark and drab and not all that pleasant to be in. The kids don’t mind, but I do. Not to mention it is right off the dining room, and the color tends to “bleed over”, making the dining room seem drab. Of course, like every other project we’ve done in this house, it was just buy the paint and slap it on, no, there is major repair needed to happen as well as sealing the walls and the ceiling. So we spent a good part of Saturday doing that.

Later in the afternoon, we got ready and headed up to the town about 25 miles north of us, for Confession and Mass. I hadn’t been to confession for close to a month and a half and was really feeling it. The parish up there has a new pastor, a young priest, who is wonderful.

That night we came home, fed the kids, then sat down and ate dinner by ourselves, with a movie on.

Sunday was a bit odd, as we went to the Vigil Mass, so we didn’t have to run around getting ready. We at breakfast and Joshua went to work on the room for a bit more. We made two dishes to take for a potluck dinner at the parish in Valdosta. We had a great time at the indoor picnic. We got to meet the new Parochial Vicar at St. John. He was great to sit and talk with and get to know. We ended up staying a lot longer than I had planned, so we came home and I was exhausted. We got the kids into bed and Joshua cleaned up the kitchen for me. (Thanks)

Some plans for this week…We have the “Welcome the New Pastor” gathering on Thursday after Mass, so we will be going to that. Other than that, things are pretty open right now. It is really too warm to go out and do things.

If I find time for myself, I would like to…eh, I can’t think of anything. I think I have reached a good point where we have things settled here and I don’t feel like I need to have “me time”. Or maybe I just know that there isn’t much to do around here, so I am just content to sit and have quiet time on the couch in the evening.

I am grateful for…priests who “say the black, do the red”. Young men who say “yes” to God and enter the Seminary to be formed into good holy priests. I am also thankful for an answered prayer, for a wonderful husband, for a Benedict who doesn’t have a hard time taking naps, for my husband’s wonderful job and super awesome boss.

Prayer intentions for this week: For priests to have holy courage to do the right thing. For a return to the understanding of the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For our country and religious freedoms, all religions.

Something that makes me smile:  This doesn’t have a picture, but I was cleaning out my twitter account,  and came across a tweet Joshua posted years ago, a little thing that Karol used to call the camera “Doggie Eyeball.”

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