On Meeting the Cardinal

This past week Joshua and I were in Oakland, California for a Vocation Directors convention. It was a great time, many many laughs, lots of learning, and tons of fun. I am sure that it will take weeks for me to process all of the things I learned or did during our six days there. I will share one of them with you now though:

On Monday, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, from Washington DC was the Keynote Speaker (and just wait until I get some of the quotes from that down for you, your socks will be knocked off).  Joshua and I were standing near the booth for his company before the address was to start. Most of the priests and participants had made it down to the room where the address would be, so it was pretty empty in the lobby area. Joshua tapped my shoulder and said “Here’s your chance” and pointed behind me.

Turning around, I discovered Cardinal Wuerl standing behind me, waiting to say hello. As only I could do, I said “Cardinal” with surprise. I then recovered and knelt to kiss his ring. Then he addressed me by name. How did he know my name??? Does he read by blog?!! Well, no, I had a name tag on.

He was a very gracious man and very friendly, not at all bothered by my faux pas, but then again, I am sure that he gets all sorts of reactions when people meet him. I will leave you with a quote from his talk, a talk that had me in tears, because of its beauty.


There is only one interrupted Tradition stretching back all the way to the Apostles which gives assurance to our words.

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