And Good Afternoon from South Georgia

**I thought this posted yesterday, I guess I failed at clicking the publish button!**


This morning I opened the windows and have been able to leave them opened all day. I even washed the curtains on all the downstairs windows and they got to dry in the breeze, when I hung them back up.



The kids played outside and Karol was thrilled that there were no bugs out today. (I’d really like a hard freeze two nights in row, to kill off bugs, but that won’t happen until December at the earliest.)

It is amazing what a little bit of fresh air can do for the soul. Here we are cooped up in the house all summer long (from about the end of May to the end of September.) With the windows opened and chilly toes (that I did not pay for via the electric bill.) I felt inspired to make some chili for dinner, with corn bread. The house is mostly* clean, dishes are all done, laundry cleaned and ready to be taken upstairs for folding.

Joshua is coming home a bit late, as he is stopping to get an estimate on new cabinets, a new bathtub, and new flooring for our upstairs bathroom. The current cabinets are junk (and ugly.), the tub is not sealed well, so it is stained and leaks, and the flooring was not laid well, and there is a seam coming apart in the middle of the floor.  It is pretty much the tub the main reason for looking to remodel, but we figured if the tub will be replaced, why not do a few other things.

I gave him a budget and hopefully we will be able to do the work for under the amount I said. We should as we aren’t going with marble counter tops or a spa tub, but you know how projects go. πŸ™‚ The fear is more what will the wall and floor look like behind/under the tub.**

Speaking of projects, back in July we stopped by the hardware store for paint, to paint the toy room, and well, after much patching and many long breaks, one of the walls is painted. It is now my favorite room! It is so pretty and bright. I cannot wait to see what it will look like with all four walls painted. This has also inspired me to paint the dining room, which is currently brown (with white trim) to something a bit brighter. In due time.

*The mostly comes from the fact that I do have four kids and well, the two year old is kind of a tornado, just bringing toys from the play room to the living room.

**And in the time that this sat in my draft, we have decided to hold off on the bathroom redo. The cost of cabinets was more than what we could spend on the whole project! Off to look at other options πŸ™‚



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