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Not enough for one post, but a few things for the day:

The first, and most important,  prayers for those in the North East and Great Lakes areas.

I wish to assure you of my closeness and my recollection of those who have been affected by this natural disaster, while I invite everyone to prayer and solidarity, in order to alleviate the pain of the families of the victims and offer support to the thousands of people who have been hurt.- Pope Benedict XVI

We’ve heard from friends and family in the area and everyone seems to be doing well, most without power, but all spared the brunt of the storm. Margaret was scared because her Godmother lives outside of Philadelphia and was in right in the path. Little Margaret prayers were offered last night for all those in the storm.

Last night, I started the costumes for All Saints Day. Margaret will be St. Kateri and Caecilia will be Bl. Mother Teresa. Those were pretty easy to make, surprisingly (for me, as I can’t sew). Benedict will probably end up being St. Benedict of Norcia and Karol has requested St. Michael. I think I can manage, that.

We are having a few friends over for dinner and a bonfire that evening. Thankfully, the weather has turned cool, so we won’t be sweating through the bonfire. (It is 59 and windy right now, chilly chilly for us.) I am trying to prepare for that, but really, I think we can all say that cleaning house with kids around and expecting it to stay that way is just a pipe dream. So I’ve wiped things down and done as much deep cleaning I’ve been able to do.

Also, Karol will be making his First Holy Communion at the morning Mass on the Feast of All Saints. Please say a prayer for him. He is super excited and is very much looking forward to being able to receive our Eucharistic Lord for the first time. I don’t think he realized until this past Sunday that we will be able to receive every time we go to Mass from now on (provided he is prepared.)



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