Pregnancy and Food

I’ve not blogged much about being pregnant, and heck, just let the cat out of the bag here recently, but I’d say it’s been a different pregnancy all together.

For starters, while I had morning sickness and the first trimester fog, I didn’t lose much weight. My record is losing 25 lbs with Caecilia, but this time, I think I lost 5, at most. So with that, I am working hard to make sure to eat well (something we’ve been doing as a family anyway) and trying to have healthy snacks instead of ice cream each night. So I keep my veggie intake up, as well as protein. I avoid refined sugars and processed foods as much as possible. Most of all, I am watching my portions, making sure to not “eat for two”.

On my healthy snack list are: pecans, almonds, fresh baked bread (and made with fresh ground wheat, which means a little goes a long way in filling me up), honey, milk, yogurt, and lemon water.

On my not so healthy, list are a dark chocolate, home baked cookies, soda (from the natural section of the store so made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup and 8 oz or less.), and hot chocolate (made with homemade chocolate sauce but tons of sugar).

On my limited, very bad for me, yet oh so yummy list is ice cream, HFCS filled soda, french fries, and candy.

Thankfully, when I eat something with too much sugar in it, I feel it, within minutes, either heartburn or an icky headache that requires some big dish with tons of protein.

All that to say that for the past few days I’ve really wanted ice cream. No biggie, right? Well, I don’t just want ice cream, I want some sort of sundae with chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cups, hot fudge, brownie pieces, and whipped cream.

Do you think if I went to the local DQ and asked them to make me a peanut butter cup blizzard, with chocolate ice cream, then put it in a peanut buster parfait container, with brownies instead of peanuts and tons of hot fudge (Just put the whipped cream in a small sundae dish, I’ll get to that later.) they’d laugh at me, or see my belly, make it, then charge me $10?

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  1. DQ will make that exact Sundae. Trust me. And I’m not even pregnant.

    • I’m not sure if I should wonder how you would know that. I am sure you asked if the brownies could be in raw batter form though 🙂

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