Television and Commercials

If I had a nickel for each tweet or facebook status I read last night that complained of the commercials and then the halftime show for the Super Bowl, I think I could probably buy a nice cup of coffee at the local coffee place today.

The commercials were too sexual, too misogynistic, too vulgar. Then the  half time show, too sexual, too misogynistic, too vulgar. Well, I wouldn’t know, I didn’t watch at all, I just checked my facebook and twitter and saw what people were saying. It is pretty sad that is what advertising has been reduced to.

What is even sadder is that people continued to watch the game, even though there were commercials that were so awful they required a tweet or a status update about the awfulness of it.

People, you aren’t controlled by your television and it does have an off button. If you find something offensive, turn off your television and send a message to the advertisers, the networks, and the world. The message that you are better than the garbage they are showing and that you will not tolerate that in your home.

Women, remember, we are the standard bearers of society. We are the ones to set the example of morality in the world, if we don’t who will?

To quote something I said last fall:

…we are called to strive more deeply to live our faith as faithful women of the Gospel! We are the standard bearers of morality in society. We must stand up to that call and live our lives our in accordance to the Will of God. We must also set a joyful example for those around us and in living that joyful example, help bring them to the wonderful teachings of Christ.


A thought I shared with Joshua last night: How many people even cared about the game last night? How many people tuned in just because it was Super Bowl and not because “your team” was playing? Why are you willing to put your soul, or the souls of your husband and children, in peril just to partake in the “biggest sporting event of the year” tradition?

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us.


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